There’s proof that being outdoors helps us physically, socially & emotionally so we plan adventures around your regular schedule to help enhance your life.


We (Marie, Alyssa, and Carmelisa) started off as friends who all had a similar passion for adventure and inspiring others to break free of their comfort zones. A summer trip to Yosemite is what brought us together, creating a bond unlike any other. We know first-hand what a positive impact spending time outdoors can make on our health. The friendships created on the road and on hiking trails, in a cabin with no cell phone reception, feeling accomplished after finally reaching the top of a mountain, witnessing the beautiful views of towering waterfalls, vast deserts, and mountains that reach the heavens - We’re in love with it all. After years of planning trips such as these for our own friends and families, we decided to follow our passion and share these experiences with the world by planning weekend trips, and thus Make Life Count, Co. was born.


We understand that life can get a little hectic sometimes and that often times we get so caught up in making a living that we forget to make a life. With the responsibilities of life taking up a majority of our time, it’s hard to make time to plan opportunities that allow us to enjoy the beautiful world around us. Life is too short and as Abraham Lincoln once said, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Make Life Count, Co. is about giving people the opportunities to create that life. 





Carmelisa is an event planner, fitness enthusiast and adventurer based out of Marina Del Rey, CA. For over ten years, she has been planning events from birthday celebrations and outdoor weekend trips to large scale business retreats and conferences. Alongside, she is a Marketing Content Creator for Lotus Creatives, a Crew Runner of adidas Runners Los Angeles, consults for a health tech startup and is currently studying to become a NASM certified personal trainer. Even though her calendar is typically packed with workouts, events, meetings and trips, she still manages to find the time to binge The Office, Once Upon a Time, The Flash or anything by Marvel on Netflix.



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After graduating from UC Davis in 2016, Michelle moved to Oklahoma City to work full-time as a software engineer. In her words "my company allows me to flex my schedule as long as I put the hours in and the work gets done (I guess it helps that we also have a location in Long Beach which I'll often work from for 1-2 weeks at a time 🙂 ), so I find myself flying to another city about every other weekend and I love that everyone in this community also balances work with adventure!"




Kylie is an artist and dancer who grew up in a family of travelbugs and outdoors enthusiasts. From a young age she was traveling abroad, skiing and surfing, hiking and biking, scuba diving and everything in between. She recently obtained her master's degree in Fine Art while working full time, teaching aerial acrobatics, and exploring as much of this incredible world as she possibly could! 


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