Want to visit awesome places like Yosemite, Zion & Sequoia for free?

We're looking for positive, reliable, outgoing & outdoor-loving individuals who want to lead our events & in return will build leadership skills, learn a bit about trip planning, travel to awesome places and the best part, experience our weekend trips for free! Don't worry, we'll do all the pre-planning, promoting & grocery shopping - all you have to do is show up, check everyone in, follow the itinerary, keep everyone safe & together and ensure the weekend runs smoothly. Just apply below & we'll get back to you shortly.


Let's start with the basics
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Now let's get to know you a bit more
Are you more of a person who works well individually or in a team? *
Are you known for flaking out on trips last minute? *
We understand that life happens sometimes but please keep in mind that we're looking for people who are reliable & can commit to the trips they are set to coordinate.
How do you perform under pressure? *
How do you perform under pressure?
As you can imagine, unexpected events can occur at any time during these trips. As an Adventure Coordinator, you are responsible for staying calm & collected during these situations. This next survey will allow us to have an idea on how well you can do under pressure.
I do not become defensive when criticized.
I am able to stay calm under pressure.
I handle setbacks & failures effectively.
I utilize feedback & criticism for growth.
I recognize how my behavior affects others.
I remain positive despite trying circumstances.
I maintain a sense of humor when under pressure.
I try to see things from another's perspective.
I understand that it's not what happens but how I react to what happens.
Now let's talk about specific trips
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What type of trips would you be interested in leading? *
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Thank you!
We'll be reviewing all applications & will get back to each of you with next steps by the end of september. if you have any questions, please feel free to email info@makelifecount.co