Head, Legs & Heart

Run the first 10 with your head, run the second 10 with your legs and, finally, run the last 6 with your HEART!!
— Nike Coach, Blue Benadum
Lindsay's medal

These were the words that got me through my first marathon last weekend, so it's only fitting that I had them engraved on my medal 🏅

Last Sunday was an emotional roller coaster. 

Up until mile 23, I was on track to hit my goal and get a BQ (Boston Qualifying). I was running a smart and strong race. But no matter how much you prepare, you never know what race day will throw at you. At mile 10, I fell... slipped on some cups (how lame is that, lol), rolled my right ankle and skinned my knee pretty bad. The adrenaline carried me through to mile 22, but then the pain in my right leg started to set in. My pace started to drop, and I knew that a BQ was likely out of reach. To train for something so long and to want it so bad and come SO close, only to have it taken away by some stupid cups. I felt so defeated. But those words, "Run the last 6 with your heart," kept echoing in my head.

In mile 24, I knew I had to dig deep. It took every ounce of heart to finish those last couple miles, but I did it and left it all out on the course. Did I hit my goal? No. And although my emotions are bittersweet, I couldn't be more proud of myself for crossing that finish line within minutes of it, despite what I had to overcome. Indeed, I ran Chicago with my head, legs, and my whole heart.

Time to rest up and recover. I got LA in March and Eugene in May... and that BQ still on the horizon.

Lindsay likes long runs, short stacks and listens to Christmas music year-round. You can follow her on instagram at  @hiittobefit

Lindsay Gaesser is a former college athlete working in athletic communications.  In her spare time, she’s usually doing some combination of running, working out, cooking and coming up with new recipes, or studying to obtain a certificate in nutrition.  She prefers to be outside, either running in Santa Monica, camping in the Tetons, or shredding the slopes at Jackson Hole.  Has a healthy addiction to grilled veggies, summer fruits, and peanut butter. You can follow her on instagram at @hiittobefit