Learning by Doing

Last weekend I lived out my dream life: A traveling #vanlife photographer.

I hit the road with my camera and passed through some incredible spots along Hwy 395 including a few hikes, natural hot springs, waterfalls, volcanic rock formations, lakes, beaches, forests and deserts all within two days.

Travel and photography have always been my dream goals/career and I'm finally pursuing it by just DOING it, and what I learned this past weekend is that.. I don't know JACK SHIT about anything!

My photos came out alright and it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be lol. But I enjoyed every single second of it.. Sleeping in my van and waking up before dawn just to get a shot of the sunrise, boiling water for my cup o' noodles over my portable stove while my camera took shots for a timelapse, driving hundreds and hundreds of miles, hiking 4 times in a single weekend.. Things that other people would be uncomfortable with but make me feel so ALIVE.

This trip definitely inspired me to keep going even if I am a noob and even if it is a scary job to pursue. I was made for this. #FaceYourFears

Xo, M

#FaceYourFears with MLC

October is a month of spooky, creepy, and fearful stuff. But this month MLC is encouraging you to face your fears! F.E.A.R. is really just an acronym for Face Everything and Rise. When we face our fears we are able to rise above them giving us the courage to overcome them. What fears have you faced this month? Share them in the comments below or tag #makelifecountco &#faceyourfears for all of us to see! On November 1st, we'll go through everyone's posts and reward one of you with a prize.



Marie is an aspiring travel and landscape photographer, frequent hiker, and works a full-time office job but is constantly daydreaming of being on the road/outdoors. She loves introducing adventure to those around her by regularly planning hikes and trips. Her dream is to travel the world for one year in 2017.