Face Your Fears

Your Largest Fear Carries Your Greatest Growth

Do you know what a lot of people fear most? Failure. Many times we limit ourselves from pursuing something because we're afraid we might fail the first time. When we fear failure it limits our possibilities and often it causes us to hold ourselves back from our full potential. This month, our theme of the month is to #FaceYourFears so let me tell you a little bit about the first time I faced my fear of failure and the growth it brought me.

Towards the end of my freshman year of high school, I decided that I was going to run for class president. I was pretty up in the air about this at first because I feared that I might fail and lose the election but my Mom encouraged me not to let that stop me. So I ran anyways, and guess what? I failed. I lost the election and I was distraught. But I didn't let the fear of failure stop me from running again. I dusted myself off, joined ASB, and tried again the following year and you know what happened? I won! I was class president for my junior and senior year of high school and it brought me so much growth. I learned how to network, plan events, gained experience public speaking and much more. Robin Sharma once said, "The fears we don't face become our limits." If I had not faced the fear of failure I would've been limited and full of regret wondering what could've happened. I wouldn't have been able to use my potential to the fullest and gain all the skills that I did.

So whatever your greatest fear is, face it. 

Don't be limited by your fears because they are not real. They are a product of thoughts you create. 

Xo, L


October is a month of spooky, creepy, and fearful stuff. But this month we're encouraging you to face your fears! FEARS is really just an acronym for Face Everything and Rise. When we face our fears we are able to rise above them giving us the courage to overcome them. What fears are you going to face this month? Share them with us by tagging #FaceYourFears & #MakeLifeCountCo. 

On November 1, we'll go through all your tags & reward one entry with a special gift. We’d love to see what fears you're facing and how you overcome them! 



Lyssa is a recent graduate with a degree in Human Development navigating her way through the post graduate life. She owns her own lifestyle and travel blog as she aspires to inspire others with her love for photography and writing. She enjoys Lilo & Stitch, Hip Hop, reading, and exploring new sights.