Pura Vida: Make Life Count

The Costa Rican Way of Life

“Pure Life” is the english translation of “Pura Vida.” However, it can mean so many things in Costa Rican lifestyle. It can be used as a greeting such as “hello” or “goodbye.” It can also mean “take it easy,” “chill out,” or “all is good.” For foreigners, it is hard to grasp the complete meaning of “pura vida.”

Nonetheless, even though I only stayed in Costa Rica for a week, I sensed the “pura vida” lifestyle with the Costa Rican people. One characteristic that I observed was the people did not care much if they have less or nothing at all. They seem to be appreciative of what they have in life. I also noticed that they close the store early (around 7PM), and they open the store late (around 9AM). One important trait in Costa Rica is how they value family. Instead of devoting their time making money, they would rather spend more time with their loved ones. They spend their time through surfing, biking, and playing soccer. They let go of stress of life and enjoy what life gives. There is no need to rush; just relax and go with the flow.

The lifestyle is so different compared to American culture where it is fast paced because time is valuable.

Sadly, most of us miss life because of overworking. Maybe, if we consider taking a moment to pause and relax, then maybe we can see something more meaningful about life. We need to stop worrying and appreciate what we have. We do not need to travel far or go to Costa Rica to experience “pura vida” lifestyle. We can go to the park, the beach, and even walk around the neighborhood. We can do it alone or with others. Don’t let stress be the mindset of our life. We only have one life to live, so make sure it counts. 

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