Failing our way to success

If someone were  to ask me how our #MLCinYosemite trip went last weekend, I would say stressful AF. Okay... I’ll admit that a part of me wants to only tell you all the great things that did happen, or just talk about some of the beautiful places we got to see because believe me, a lot of it was great and beautiful (just look at the pictures on our instagram) - but when we launched MLC, we promised to be raw and real with you so that’s what I’m putting out - the raw facts & experiences about our trip.  

Now, let's be real - last weekend was not what we expected it to be.  There were times when we were scrambling, planning things last minute, not on the same page, had constant change of plans, unsatisfied people AND to top it off, we even ran out of food the first night! Crazy, I know. Stress doesn’t even begin to explain the feelings the three of us felt. 

And though there may have been instances where each of us thought about how bad of an idea this might of been or wished we would have done things differently, I can honestly say that neither of us would take any of it back. Every failure we experience happened because we needed to learn from it. And we did. We learned more in a span of three days than one could have ever learned in a month. Yes, it may have been overwhelming. Yes, I may have cried in the closet at one point. But when you think about every single successful business today - whether it be a retail store, a website or even a gym - every one of them went through a ton of failures to get where they are now.

Tuolomne Meadows by Pia Rosales (@measuredinmoments)

Tuolomne Meadows by Pia Rosales (@measuredinmoments)

I remember reading an excerpt a couple years ago (can’t remember where but the story stuck to me) about two teams who were given the same task but both asked to complete the task in different ways. 

Team A was asked to design & build a vacuum and make as many of them as possible while Team B was also asked to design & make vacuum but in the best quality. Both teams worked equally as hard where Team A just kept making vacuum after vacuum and Team B spent a lot of time collaborating, researching and designing before making their one quality vacuum. 

In the end, both products were compared and to their surprise, Team A had the better quality vacuum even though that wasn’t their goal. Why? Though Team B put a lot of effort and research, Team A made so many vacuums that each time one was made, they noticed the mistakes or the things they could improve on and made the little adjustments every time while Team B made the single vacuum and didn't get to experience all the errors or growth opportunities Team A did. 

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently
— Henry Ford

It’s not like Marie, Lyssa & I didn’t put in quality work into this event, we just made mistakes that we couldn’t have predicted had we not experienced this first trip. So don’t worry - we aren’t discouraged. We’re actually more excited to take what we have learned and apply it to all our future trips! As Henry Ford once said, "Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently."

Xo, C

A few photos from our trip.

Photos taken by (alphabetical order):
Carmelisa Perez (@carmelax3), Jesse Sandoval (@jezzy_e82), Jessica Mercado, Margareth Martin (@whensheroams) & Pia Rosales (@measuredinmoments)

Locations (Left to Right, Top to Bottom):
Apollo Community Park, Fossil Falls, Tenaya Lake, Tenaya Lake, Tuolomne Meadows, Yosemite Valley, Lower Yosemite Falls Hike, Big Pine Lake, Tenaya Lake

More pictures can be found at #MLCinYosemite

Event dates: Friday, September 9 - Sunday, September 11, 2016