Emergency Bag Necessities

With all the recent natural disasters happening around the world, it made me take a look at my Minimal B.O.B. (Bug Out Bag) to make sure that I have everything that I would need. I usually have this in my room, ready to go or in the car when I'm traveling or going to the office. I wanted to simplify my gear so I took the bare minimum to last me for at least 3 days, but with enough resources in the city, you should be able to last for a while with these bare minimum items.

1. Emergency drinking water: You can get these at your local Army Surplus Store or through Amazon. 

DATREX Emergency Water Pouch for Disaster or Survival

2. Emergency M.R.E.: You can get these at your local Army Surplus Store or through Amazon. There are different kinds and different flavors that you can buy. I just bought what was cheapest and available.

Freeze Dried Food // Food Bars

3. Altoids Can Fire Kit: I have storm proof matches, mini BIC lighter, waxed twine and cigarettes. The cigarettes are used to have a constant ember in case it's raining and humid and you have limited supply of matches. The waxed twine would help start and hold the flame, like a candle. You can also include a birthday candle as well. I placed them in an Altoids Tin Can so it's easy to grab and put in your pocket and to keep it organized.

Storm Proof Matches // Bic Mini Lighters

4. Pocket Knife: Good to cut food or other items that you need for survival.

5. Sawyer Mini Water Filter: In case of an emergency, clean water would be vital to survive. This is the simplest and faster way to filter dirty water. It also comes with a bladder so you can store water as well.

Sawyer Water Filter

6. Dust Mask and Baclava Scarf: In case of fire and dust, you need a good mask to filter out all the contaminants. The Baclava has multiple use as well, it can also be used as a first aid item, to keep you warm or as a towel.

Home Dusk Mask

7. Black Diamond Headlamp and extra batteries: Can also be used to signal for help at night.

Black Diamond Headlamp

8. Compact Wipes: These wipes are great for sanitary purposes, very compact, just add water.

Multi-Purpose Wipes

9. Tarp: Great for shelter, to keep you dry and protection from the wind.

Backpacker's Tarp

10. Uniqlo Packable Parka: Some weather protection from the cold, in case you leave your jacket. Very compact and light.

Packable Parka

11. Condor Rip-Away EMT Pouch (First Aid Kit): There are multiple first aid kits you can buy at Amazon or make your own. This particular one can be attached to the side of the bag.

Rip-Away EMT Pouch

12. Paracord: This is a thinner version of your typical paracord, I believe I got this at the Army Surplus Store. I mainly use the paracord for the hammock or to tie things together. You can also use the inside cording on the paracord as a fish line or anything that needs tying. Here are some links for paracord use on YouTube: 101 Uses of Paracord


13. Emergency Blanket: Great to keep you warm at night and also have a reflective inner lining you can use for signaling for help.

Emergency Blanket

14. Emergency Poncho: Great to keep you warm/dry, used for water filtration and to hold/capture water.

Emergency Poncho

15. Grand Trunk Hammock: Very light and compact hammock you can use as a shelter or blanket.

Ultralight Hammock

16. REI Shower Kit Bag: I wanted to have everything organized and it took me forever to find this bag. I wanted to make sure that it fits the backpack snuggly. This fits all the loose items so that it does fall over the place when the bag is open. It's easy to take out and have everything in one bag as well.

Shower Kit

17. Backpack: The link shows the original backpack that I got, I took out all the pockets and left just the main pocket to create a minimalist backpack. I noticed that when you have a lot of room in a bag, you tend to overpack. I wanted a simple bag and gear that is also lightweight.
By removing the other pockets, it makes the bag really compact. (17" high x 10" wide x 5" deep)

Military Tactical Backpack

18. The Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel and charger: The Goal Zero Nomad 7 fits perfectly on the backpack. I secured it with paracord and small carabiners. I used the AAA adapter to charge the batteries from the headlamp. The solar panel can also be used to charge your phone.

Solar Panel // Recharger

Since I have room in the bag, I added some Cliff Powerbars for extra food/energy.

Remember to always be aware of your surroundings and always be prepared for an emergency. You never know what can happen.

- Tim, MLC Adventurer

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