Because it takes a village


Last week, we did some reflecting on this past year. It's crazy to think the last time we had done this was almost a year ago when we realized that we had been spreading ourselves out too thin and decided to focus on planning trips. Well, planning trips is exactly what we did but this time, we've noticed that we're now just planning trips just to plan trips; without real focus or meaning behind them.

You may or may not have noticed that we've slowed down; mainly because all the places we wanted to travel to this year, have already been done. I mean, of course, there are a ton of other awesome places to go to like Banff, Yellowstone, Crater Lake, etc but we know that not everyone is as crazy as us to book a last minute flight. It takes time to plan not to mention request days off from work. We also realize that just because we go to one place once, doesn't mean we can't plan a trip to go there again. Sequoia is a whole new world in the fall compared to the winter. There's beauty in every season. The only issue is that we're only two people. Two people who have full-time day jobs that include working on weekends (healthcare & retail life) & like to spend time with our families on some of the weekends we do have off. And as much as we’d like to be at an MLC trip every week, we want to keep our lives balanced in all aspects. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop planning - heck, we’re actually planning to plan more! We just need some help.   

We pretty much have trip planning in a bag; how much food to buy, what to prep, when to book, what to do, what to pack, etc - taking the stress away from everyone else is what we love to do & we plan to keep doing it. What we can’t do, is physically be at every event & that’s where Adventure Coordinators come in. So we’re looking for positive, reliable, outgoing & outdoor-loving individuals who want to lead our events & in return, get to build leadership skills, learn a bit about trip planning, travel to new awesome places and the best part, experience our weekend trips for free! We’ll continue to do all the pre-planning, promoting & meal-prepping so all you’d have to do is show up, check everyone in, follow the itinerary & ensure everyone stays safe & together. 

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.
— James Cash Penney

We hope that by bringing this new team together, we’ll be able to create more opportunities to experience places many have always wanted to go to but haven’t had a chance to or maybe even re-experience the places they loved but this time, without the stress of planning.

If you’re interested in more information or want to apply to be an MLC Adventure Coordinator, click below. Otherwise, hang tight - we have a lot more in store for the future. 

xo, M & C