Make life trash free

Each member of the MLC family spends a good amount of time outdoors and for good reason. It’s where we connect with nature, fellow adventurers, and the beauty of our surroundings. It's where we let go of our minuscule problems and reflect on situations going on in our lives. It's where we challenge ourselves physically by summiting a peak, topping out at the top of a boulder, or kayaking down a river… where we get away from the crowded cities and the busy-ness of everyday life. Going to the mountains, the beaches, the deserts, the woods, the canyons, and pretty much anywhere outdoors is going home &  it's our mission is to help take care of the place we call home, planet Earth.

Of course, we put in our individual efforts by hosting occasional clean-ups, giving away re-usable bags, and doing whatever we can to encourage a Leave No Trace lifestyle, but ever since we started MLC, we wanted to do more by giving back to our community - we just didn't know how. It wasn't until last week while we were reflecting on the past year that we realized how much one specific organization had made an impact on us (personally and as a business). This organization actually found us after we had hosted one of our first ever hike clean ups at Santa Paula Punch Bowls and invited us to join their growing community. Not only were we meeting great people, but we were learning about the little things that could negatively affect our planet and what we could do to prevent it. We quickly learned that some of the things we had been doing weren't okay, like throwing a banana peal in the bushes (it's okay because it's biodegradable, right? Apparently not!) or blasting music on the trails. We also learned about trail etiquette like who has the right of way or what your body could be telling you while you're hiking. 

After a year of learning and constantly being inspired, we've decided to bring our giving back idea to life by donating 5% of all MLC proceeds to an organization very close to our hearts, Trash Free Earth.

Trash Free Earth (TFE) is an environmental non-profit organization that protects the natural environment from unsustainable trash disposal through leadership, education and environmental stewardship. And though TFE primarily focuses on protecting the trails of Southern California by hosting 2-3 clean-ups per month, TFE works daily through social media to empower individuals around the world to be the change they wish to see. 

Every person in this world has the power to make a difference and together we can work towards a trash free earth.
— Trash Free Earth philosophy

Make Life Count, Co. believes in living our best lives possible. You only get one so why not fill it with adventure, beauty, and the things you love? We also only have one Earth that provides much of that beauty and adventure, so let’s do our part in taking care of it. 

What can you do to support? Simply attend one of our trips or purchase something from our online store. Not only will you be reminded to make the most of your life, you'll also be contributing to a cleaner planet. 

xo, MLC

Give Thanks, Give Back 2016