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"You ladies and our trip to Yosemite has changed my life. I've just spent the weekend cleaning up after donating and selling 85% of my clothes. I'm planning on moving out of my luxury west side apt so I can move further away from work all so I can save up for travel. It was all because of a few conversations I had in the van on our trip that really kinda crystallized alot of desires and ideas I was having at the time. After that, I realized that I could do it. I especially have to thank Marie. The way she talked about her passion for travel, the way she experimented with living in her van, all that so could save money and do what she loves? It was so brave, it completely inspired me. Now I'm thinking about getting a van or a sprinter and converting that into something that I could live in and trying that out for a month or two while I live & work in Santa Monica."

EMMANUEL MWANGI - Yosemite Nat’l Park 2016  

"I am so thankful to know Marie, Lyssa and Carmelisa. They are incredible individuals who inspire others to “make life count” and explore the world. The girls always choose great spots to camp, hike, etc. Plus, they always make sure everyone is having fun (and fed). I’d highly recommend everyone to join the next MLC trip! The trips are well run and are always full of adventures." 

- MARGARETH MARTINInyo Nat'l Park 2015, Mammoth 2016, Havasupai 2016, Yosemite Nat'l Park 2016

"My husband and I joined in on a weekend trip to Sequoia last year and it was an amazing experience! It was SO refreshing to enjoy a well-organized, well-planned for weekend with no-drama folks. For busybodies like us, we're always saying we'll make the time to go on trips and then life gets in the way, but with MLC, we'll always feel like the opportunities are there and we're much more comfortable going with experienced folks. Carmelisa organized and planned for everyone's meals and even put games together for people to get to know each other. I highly recommend joining in on what MLC has to offer!"  

DESIRAE UBALDO Sequoia Nat'l Park 2015

"I have been on many trips with MLC and I can testify that each has been a spectacular, life changing experience. Traveling is great, but traveling with amazing people is always better! I love the group that they attract, and the type of people that I get to meet on their trips. Planning trips can be stressful, so knowing that everything has been taken care of is a relief. Each trip I have been on with MLC has been successively better in every way. They are always progressing, learning, and making every trip better than the last. They plan the travel arrangements, itinerary, food, and activities for everyone while still leaving flexibility in their plans. Planning and organizing so many people is a real challenge, but now they make everything a seamless experience. It has been a true pleasure getting to know, travel and work with Carmelissa, Marie, and Alyssa. I admire their positive attitude, and vision for a better world where anybody can travel without breaking the bank. What I love the most about MLC is their passion for adventure, friendship, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility.They are so inspiring! I have no doubt MLC will succeed in every way, and always look forward to my next trip with them. I am excited to see where they'll decide to take us next.

- GILBERTO QUIROZ  Yosemite Nat’l Park 2016, Sequoia 2015, Mammoth 2016, Hawaii 2016, Havasupai 2016, Big Sur 2016, Mammoth 2017

"I found MLC when one of the founding members posted in a different group about a scheduled a road trip to Yosemite and there were spaces available on the trip. Initially, I hesitated to sign up because I didn’t know anyone in the group, but I was curious about MLC so I went on its Facebook page where I looked at prior posts, pictures in the albums and watched videos of the past road trips. The group’s energy in the posts, pictures and videos was intoxicating! I found MLC to be a group of extremely positive people who encouraged each other to live life without fear and also praise the group members for their accomplishments! They show everyone so much love and support in the post comments, pictures and videos but most importantly they were having fun! This is when I joined MLC and signed up for the Yosemite road trip. When I attended the trip I had an amazing experience! I found the organizers and members to be so incredibly welcoming to a complete stranger and the event was nicely organized so we got to see and experience many places I had never heard of or been to on our way to Yosemite (i.e., the Musical Road in Lancaster, Fossil Falls on Highway 395 and Erick Schlat’s Bakery in Bishop!)
The weekend after I returned from the Yosemite road trip, I hiked and summited the highest mountain in Southern California, Mount San Gorgonio. When I posted the summit picture proudly announcing my accomplishment, MLC shared the post in the group. I’ve never been recognized for my accomplishments and loved how people in the group that I didn’t know congratulated me on my success! It was an incredible feeling!  I’ve dreamt about traveling and doing weekend road trips ever since I could remember but felt fear to get out of my comfort zone. Then, my 15 year old nephew passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from a cerebral aneurysm. While I said my good-bye to him at his bed side I promised him I would no longer live the way I was living by just existing. Rather, I’d live life to the fullest and without fear. Thanks to MLC, I’ve been able to keep the promise I made my beloved Anthony and since joining MLC on the Yosemite adventure in September 2016 I’ve gone on subsequent road trips to Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, Napa Valley, San Francisco, Big Sur and Monterey! As you can see, in a few months I’ve lived more than I have in the past! Thank you MLC for your positive vibes, for showing me to live fearlessly and for helping me keep the promise I made to my beloved Anthony." 

Yosemite Nat'l Park 2016 - JESSE MERCADO -


"I have attended two MLC adventures; Yosemite and Mammoth Lakes. My experiences of these two events were top tier. Alongside the beautiful sights Yosemite and Mammoth delivered, it was MLC that made my experience ever so accommodating. Their love for the outdoor lifestyle is imbedded in their personalities when you meet them. They are exceedingly well organized and left almost no margin for error. Their intentions are pure and attention to detail is beyond compare. Throughout the weekend the MLC gals were full of energy and excitement that dispatched positive vibes down to your fingertips. Through the trip they encouraged everyone to socialize and to build new bridges. They have great means of mediation when any misunderstanding surfaced. As I am writing this I am a week shy from attending my third MLC Adventure to Mammoth and can’t wait to snowboard once again with great people. Thank you MLC.”

Yosemite 2016, Mammoth 2016 & 2017 - MANNY CASTELLANOS